We just wanted to give you our sincere thank you for doing such an amazing job in selling our condo, in a bidding war!!! Andrew, you were amazing in helping us through the entire process, which thankfully did not last long. We really appreciated the way you were always available for us at all hours, and answered any questions we had, without delay. Andrew provided us with excellent advice throughout the selling process, and we will definitely be using you in the future *****

Hi there AGAIN, yes.........AGAIN. This is the second time I have called Andrew for help in the sale of my home. If you read the previous review, I was in a little mess with my second home purchase and I wanted to get out, well Andrew helped me get rid of my second home quickly and painlessly. Trust me with some real estate agents it seems you have to get on their backs to make things move, with Andrew............that is not the case. So again, this is my second time using his services, and in the future if I have another house and want to sell, I will surely be dealing with him. If there is an economic problem down the road, only the good will survive in this market, Andrew will be one of those agents who will survive and flourish. Just give him a call and talk to him, he doesn't use stupid pressure tactics, he will just be nice with you and tell you what he thinks regarding your situation. If you want to call me to confirm this, Andrew can get you in touch with me. God bless!

Hey Andrew, just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did finding our new house and selling our condo so quickly! You were so flexible and patient with us while trying to find our dream home and making sure that we didn't settle. We love our new home and couldn't be happier. And you sold our condo in under 24 hours! We were so excited! We really appreciate everything you did for us and can't wait to move in. We'll definitely be referring our friends and family in the future! Thanks again! We really appreciate it.

Andrew, just wanted to say thank you for leasing out our townhouse again and so quickly! You worked with us and supported us when we needed it. Looking forward to doing more business with you in the future! Thanks!

Hey Andrew! A HUGE thank you to Andrew for making our first-time home purchase an amazing experience. Although there were some bumps along the road with losing offers on homes we really *loved*, Andrew continued to motivate us and said that our “dream” home would come around soon. Within 6 weeks of looking at properties practically every week night and 5 offers later - we found it! I definitely encourage everyone to seek Andrew’s help when buying (or selling) their home. He’s professional, respectful, reliable, accommodating, the list goes on…. He will definitely go out of his way to keep his clients happy – that’s a promise! Since buying a home was new to us, Andrew answered all of our questions and gave us *tips* on what to expect when purchasing a home. Those closing costs can really add up! Thanks again for everything you’ve done for us Andrew! As of right now, I don’t see us moving anywhere but when we decide to move, expect call from us.

Andrew, Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the amazing service you provided us while looking for an apartment to lease. Not only were you professional and on top of your game, but you helped negotiate us an awesome deal on our sweet apartment. You took the time to get to know us and not only did you do a fantastic job, but it was also a TON of fun looking and working with you. I know who I'm going to refer all my friends too! Thanks again!!

Thanks you Andrew for the QUICK and easy transaction. As a first time home buyer, I couldn't be happier with my experience and purchase. You'll be hearing from me again in the future.

Andrew, Just a few words of my appreciation for the hard work and dedication you demonstrated while representing me for the sale of my condominium townhouse. As you know I had attempted selling privately, and was unsuccessful. After meeting with you, I had all the confidence in the world that you would do a great job, and you did! You went above and beyond my expectations in selling my unit in less than a month at a good price in a market where other agents and their clients were offering a substantially reduced asking price. So, thank you and you can rest assured that I will highly recommend your services to everyone I know!

Working with you was a great experience. From buying our house to leasing it out in under 24 hours. You were very honest with us from the get-go and had our best interests in mind, you even directed us to buying the cheaper place that was much nicer then the one we were about to place a bid on. You also set up a "viewing" sorry Andrew, I meant a "showing" at a moments notice when we wanted to take a second look at the house which ended up being the home we purchased. Its nice to see that not everyone is out to hound you for your money. Thanks for all your help and we look forward to working with you again when its time to upgrade.

Just wanted to thank you Andrew so much for everything you've done in helping me find my first new home. I couldn't have asked for a better Realtor in my search and making the transition as easy as possible. Thanks again for your all your hard work and diligence - I truly appreciate it!

Andrew went above and beyond in our apartment search. We were looking at apartment from abroad, and as non-Canadian citizens. Andrew made the process as seamless as possible. He provided outstanding service in time sensitive situations. He was available 24/7 to help us with any questions or concerns. We love our apartment! I would recommend Andrew to any of friends looking to rent/buy in Toronto, particularly those new to the City! Best, Chris & Danielle

"Referred through a close friend, Andrew quickly established himself as the premier agent. Initially retained to lease a rental property, he worked directly with my existing tenant in a professional and courteous manner to arrange showings while accommodating their needs. This skillset and a record high lease agreement were what lead me to use his services on further occasions. Years later, Andrew’s reputation proved he would be the ideal agent to list that same property once it was time to sell. Andrew did not hesitate going to bat for me, ensuring my interests were protected as his client. It was this experience that made him the obvious choice when it came time to sell my own home. Once again he proved that he was not only the right agent for the job but was able to close the sale quickly and for the price I wanted. I look forward to working with Andrew in the future. - Giancarlo"

f real estate agents had super powers, Andrew would be the Superman of the real estate world. Andrew really earned his cape representing my husband and I in our adventure in realty. Not only did he fly us to several different houses, but he also protected us from the villains!! With Andrew, we were finally able to realize our dream of becoming home-owners!! Thank you Andrew for all your hard work, time and dedication. What a great story it has made!!! STEPH & CUONG, happy home-owners

Thank you to Andrew for helping my roommate and I find an amazing condo DT Toronto. Andrew was very organized in that he had our condo viewings all in one day. He was very thorough and professional throughout the entire process. Thank you to Andrew for all his hard work! I would recommend him to anyone looking to move!

Freedom!!! That's what I texted to Andrew after I installed the cheque from the sale of my house. I listed with Andrew in the fall of 2012 for the sale of my Mississauga town home, money was tight with me, and I needed to liquidate. I know Andrew from high school and I bumped into him at the Home Depot and got his business card. I told him "straight-up" that I was VERY UNTRUSTWORTHY of real estate agents as I was left in a position where I was almost sued by four parties because the agent wit holding financial info to the broker on an investment property she suggested I buy. Anyhow, things became ugly and I managed to close the deal without her help, I will deal with her shortly. Andrew told me that not all agents were like this, and that there are plenty who jumped on the bandwagon during this real estate "boom" period. I decided to list with Andrew after it became apparent I needed to sell, I decided to put my trust in him, after all, I knew him personally and the track record from other referrals looked good. I am glad I did! There was always a level of respect, communication and good sense that he was looking out for your interests. I highly recommend Andrew, he are honest, hard working and will get you what you want. Don't listen to what people say about not listing in winter, Andrew sold my house in December during the Christmas season!!! Talk about a Christmas gift!!! Anyhow, if you doubt the authenticity of this referral, please ask Andrew for my contact and I can verbally confirm this. Regards

Referred through my previous tenants, it was quickly apparent why so many of Andrew`s clients refer him.  He has always been professional, extremely helpful, honest and accomodating and not to mention he sold my condo in 24 hours.  I originally worked with Andrew to lease out my condo and knew that I was going to call him when I decided to sell.  In both instances Andrew was available literally almost 24/7 to answer questions, set up showings, present offers, work with my tenant for scheduling and provide guidance and advice.  He has become my go to Realtor and I look forward to working with him in the furture.

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